WARPSTOP Series 3000

Yarn Inspector – the Standard in Quality and Value

The yarn inspectors WARPSTOP series 3000 are used to detect yarn faults during the warping process. A yarn inspector comprises of a control unit series 3000, an inspection head bed and the support stands. The DUO version operates with two inspection head beds.

  • Stops the machine immediately in the case of yarn faults
  • Additional versions: Major / Minor, Major / Minor / Length Selector
  • Also available as DUO version with two inspection head beds

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High Operational Reliability

  • Insensitive to any electromagnetic influences, since no electronic parts are contained inside the inspection head beds
  • Latest light wave conductor technology for the data transfer to the control unit
  • Computer-controlled signal processing
  • Improved guidance of the yarn by means of the rounded yarn guide profile on the inspection head bed

Available in Four Versions

  • Version 3010: Standard
  • Version 3011: Major/ Minor
  • Version 3012: Major/ Minor/ Length Selector
  • Version 3020: DUO (with two inspection head beds)

Easy Operation

  • Control unit with integrated LCD display and keyboard
  • Easy to operate menu control
  • Adjustable start and stop delay
  • Automatic system monitoring
  • Digital sensitivity setting with a stepped calibration possibility of 0,1%

Reliable Stopping of the Machine

  • Constant sensitivity over the full working width
  • Automatic, speed related signal comparison to reduce false stops (only version 3020)
  • Stopping the machine when reaching a predefined warping length possible (only versions 3012 and 3020)

Technical Data

  • For yarn speeds from 100 m/min
  • Operating voltage: 115V / 230V, 50Hz / 60Hz
  • Stop contact: Potential-free relay contact

YarnWatch (only Versions 3012 and 3020)

  • Optionally available additional program for record keeping and processing of the measured data at your PC