Opto-electronic Yarn Inspector

The PROTECHNA yarn inspector COGASTOP CREEL is a control system to detect yarn faults during the warping or beaming process. Slubs, double threads, uneven knots and spinning defects can be recognized.

  • Monitoring the yarn quality during warping and beaming at multiple levels
  • YarnWatch program for setting and evaluation

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Construction and Function

Since at beaming machines the yarn sheet is brought into one level only immediately in front of the warping head, monitoring the threads with the COGASTOP CREEL is carried out directly at the creel at every level on the right and on the left at the creel draw-off position. The number of necessary inspection heads therefore depends on the number of creel levels on the right and on the left. The inspection heads are mounted at the creel output in the immediate proximity of the thread guides. The threads are led through the centre of a highly concentrated light beam. When a yarn fault passes through the light beam, the transmitted light quantity is reduced. If the difference exceeds the adjusted sensitivity, the warping machine is stopped automatically and the fault can be removed. The inspection heads are connected with the control unit via light wave conductors. This ensures a high protection against electromagnetic interference.


The YarnWatch program allows you to control up to ten COGASTOP CREEL systems at one PC and to file the collected production data into a database. By using the YarnWatch user interface you will receive a quick overview about the current COGASTOP CREEL status and the past production (sectional warp beams, creel loads). You can save yarn specific settings as a yarn type, plan the future production by using production orders and open comprehensive graphical and table form reports.

Technical Data

  • For yarn speeds from 100 m/min
  • Operating voltage: 115V/ 230V, 50Hz/ 60Hz
  • Stopping contact: Potential-free relay contact